New Years Resolutions

Hello everyone!  Happy new year! I can’t believe it 2016 already! It’s so scary how fast time passes!  Now every year I set New Years resolutions and every year I fail almost immediately. In all honesty this year isn’t going any better so far… BUT I mean it’s still January right!? It’s not too late to try again!  So these are my New Years resolutions for 2016: 1) To get fitter and eat healthier: Now this is the very typical one that everybody loves to set as a goal. It’s probably been a resolution of mine for the last four years … Continue reading New Years Resolutions

South Africa

Hello! Yes I have been MIA once again. Nothing new here! Oh well. I’m not going to give any excuses cause they’re the usual old boring ones; however I am glad to be back.  I am going to do a mini series over December, keeping a log of everyday in South Africa over my holiday there! I am so excited and am quickly writing this post to explain things. I am also doing Vlogmas on my YouTube channel if you’d like to check that out. lieslearwood Thank you xxx Continue reading South Africa

Healthy Living

Hello everyone!!! How are your holidays going? Mine have been great but their ending tomorrow which in complete honestly makes me want to cry (I’m always emotional at the end of holidays). Oh well. School’s not actually that bad once I’m there. It’s just the thought that drives me bonkers.  So over the last forty days I took part in Lent and gave up: chocolate, biscuits, sweets, crisps, cakes and fizzy drinks. It’s not actually that bad once you get going and you feel healthier all together as it goes on. But the thing is (at least in my case), that … Continue reading Healthy Living

My March 2015 Playlist

Hello everyone! Long time no post! I hope you’re all doing well. I’m actually sick of school today, which has left me with a lazyish day,  listening to lots of music. That’s why i decided to do this post 🙂 1) Sugar by Maroon 5– I absolutely love this song! It has definitely been on repeat side the beginning of February, and it’s still going strong in March! Honestly has Maroon 5 ever released a bad song? 2) Geronimo by Sheppard- Whenever I hear this song I just smile and have the biggest urge to dance (which I’m usually able to fulfil unless … Continue reading My March 2015 Playlist

Hema Under Eye Concealer Review

Hello everyone, It’s Wednesday, nearly the weekend. That’s what I’ve got to keep telling myself 😉 Today I am going to be reviewing my absolute favourite product of the moment, The Hema Under Eye Concealer. Before I start ranting on about this concealer, I have to let you know that, unfortunately, this product is only available in the shop ‘Hema’ in the Netherlands. However, if you do happen to be heading in that direction any time soon, then here’s my reccomendation of a makeup product you can buy. 🙂 Now this concealer is definitely no high end concealer, it was … Continue reading Hema Under Eye Concealer Review

As the Weather Changes…

photo from Hello everyone! Sorry that I haven’t posted in (exactly) one whole month, I really wish I had been 😦 I have been getting back into the flow of school, and trying to get used to the amount of homework I have this year. But I am back now, and determined to keep blogging throughout Autumn/Winter. Speaking of Autumn and Winter, is it really strange that I am SO excited for them? So many off my friends love the Summer, (and OF COURSE I do as well) but I am really happy that it is now the start … Continue reading As the Weather Changes…