Soap and Glory: Love At First Blush Review

Hello everyone! For my birthday in January, I received the “Love At First Blush” as a gift from my friend. I have only recently started using it though, just because I think it’s more of a Spring/Summer colour.   I think that this is a good blush, if you want a subtle, less noticeable colour on your cheeks. It’s definitely not the right blush if you’re wanting it to be bright and obvious. I like the fact that you are able to create a different blend of colours, depending on what you’re going for. The options range between: rose gold, … Continue reading Soap and Glory: Love At First Blush Review

April Favourites

Hello everyone! It’s ‘favourites’ time of month again. I am actually quite glad that it’s soon going to May, as even though it isn’t officially Summer, I count it as Summer if the weather’s good. On to the favourites… 1) My first favourite from April is the Barry M Bubblegum Pink Lipgloss, which I wrote a review on earlier in the month. 2) I have also been loving my blue vans (esque) shoes 3) The Lovely Vamps 4) My blue jeggings from C&A 5) Gossip Girl, yes I know I’m 8 years behind, but oh well. 6) And lastly is … Continue reading April Favourites

Rita Ora MTV Movie Awards Makeup Tutorial

Hello everyone! How are you all? Now you may know that I have started a weekly post on my favourite celebrity fashion and makeup of the week, and am doing a tutorial of the makeup look. So that’s what this post is about. Firstly I applied the foundation which was my Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation, using my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. Next I used the eyeshadow, from the Me Makeup Essentials Palette. For eyeliner, I used the Pretty Gel Eyeliner, and then my Maybelline The Falsies Mascara. On my lips I used my Barry M Pillar Box Red Lip Paint. So I hope … Continue reading Rita Ora MTV Movie Awards Makeup Tutorial

Barry M Lipgloss ‘Bubblegum Pink’ Review

Hello everyone! Now for Christmas I  received the Barry M lipgloss in the colour ‘Bubblegum Pink’, and I am going to review it for you. Smell/Taste Now I don’t know about you, but for me it is very important that lipglosses taste and smell amazing. I know you are not supposed to taste it, but come on, who can actually help themselves? So anyways, this necessity is ticked off the list for this product as it tasted and smells like the classic pink bubblegum we all know and love. Colour I am sorry for the awful quality of this photo,  … Continue reading Barry M Lipgloss ‘Bubblegum Pink’ Review

March Favourites

Hello everyone! I know that so far I’ve said every month has flown by, but March has been by far the quickest. Honestly I haven’t been loving too many new products this month, nevertheless I am going to share the few things I have been loving. Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation I recently bought this for the first time, and its amazing. I havent owned that many foundations, but I think thay it’s the best one I’ve ever bought. Bioré Pore Unclogging Scrub Checkout my review on this here The Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel This smells amazing, and it’s a … Continue reading March Favourites

Bioré Pore Unclogging Scrub

Hello Everyone, Yay we are half way through the week! Only two mor days to go until the weekend! About a week ago, I bought the ‘Biroe Pore Unclogging Scrub’, and I have decided to do a little review. Packaging & Cost: I bought this off of for about £4.99. The shipping was also fairly cheap, and the product comes in a nice, simple and easy to use bottle. Does it work?: Yes this thing works wonders! I swear I have only had this for a week, and my skin has been left looking so much better than it … Continue reading Bioré Pore Unclogging Scrub

Spring/Summer Wishlist

Hello everyone! Gosh I really haven’t blogged in a while! I have been really busy with homework and just life in general, and so for being gone I apologise. Anyways, in this post I am going to share some things that I would love to get hold of this Spring/Summer; and will hopefully be able to do that with at least some of them. photo from So after such a long time of Sugar Crush Body Wash being raved about, I want to see what all the fuss is! I have never even smelt the product, so I suppose … Continue reading Spring/Summer Wishlist

Guest Post: Soap and Glory Eyes Box Review

Hello! I am Tarika from cherryblossom15 and I am doing a guest post here today. Annelies did a guest post on my blog on Monday, and you can check that out here. I am going to be reviewing the Soap and Glory Eyes Box today. Enjoy…   I got this box for Christmas (check out my Christmas Haul 2013 here). It includes The Soap and Glory Thick and Fast mascara, Soap and Glory smoulder kohl eyeshadow, 6 lid stuff eyeshadows, a mini double ended brush and a mirror in the lid. I’ll start with the mascara, which I absolutely love. This gives … Continue reading Guest Post: Soap and Glory Eyes Box Review

February Favourites

Hello everyone! How has your month been? I have a lot to show you, so lets get started. My first favourite of the month is the Wel Wild Cherry Lip Balm. I find this really helps with dried lips, smells delicious and even gives slight colour to your lips. This month I have also been loving the Loreal Glam Shine Balmy Gloss in the colour Dare the Dragon Fruit. It’s a strong colour, however I don’t find it too strong for school. My last beauty favourite of February is the Body Shop Strwaberry Shower Gel. It has the most amazing … Continue reading February Favourites