My March 2015 Playlist

Hello everyone! Long time no post! I hope you’re all doing well. I’m actually sick of school today, which has left me with a lazyish day,  listening to lots of music. That’s why i decided to do this post 🙂

1) Sugar by Maroon 5– I absolutely love this song! It has definitely been on repeat side the beginning of February, and it’s still going strong in March! Honestly has Maroon 5 ever released a bad song?

2) Geronimo by Sheppard- Whenever I hear this song I just smile and have the biggest urge to dance (which I’m usually able to fulfil unless I am feeling too shy) 🙂

3) Elastic Heart by Sia-Yet another Sia hit! I love the lyrics in this song and  the beat of the huge variety of instruments that is constantly playing in the background is definitely my favourite element of this song.

4) Bright by Echosmith- I have just recently gotten into Echosmith after hearing their incredible song ‘Cool Kids’. I am completely and utterly enthralled by this song and I think its lyrics are absolutely beautiful.

5) Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding- I have been loving so many 50 Shades of Grey songs over the last two months! It’s got one fantastic soundtrack! I can’t wait to see Ellie Goulding when she opens for Taylor Swift at Hyde Park in June!!!

6) Gravity by DJ Fresh ft Ella Eyre- I love how this song starts slow and calm and then its suddenly changes into a fast and extremely dance worthy tune.

7) Teach Me by Bakermat- This song is amazing. Its music is definitely my favourite aspect of this song. The violin chorus actually made me think it was by Clean Bandit until I saw that it’s by Bakermat.

8) Show You by Shawn Mendes- Until January I had never even heard of Shawn Mendes, however since hearing his incredible song ‘Something Big’, I have become some sort of a fan. I then discovered ‘Show You’ which is an extremely catchy song!

9) Bloodstream by Stateless- I came across this song while watching the Vampire Diaries and it has quickly become one of my favourite songs ever. It drew me in instantly with its melodious music and beautiful lyrics. It’s safe to say that  I am obsessed.

10) Wonderful Life by Hurts- Now I know that this song isn’t exactly new at all, but I recently heard it and it joined my playlist. I think that its has a great message that you should never give up because life truly is wonderful.

11) Cheerleader by Omi- Now this song is a tad strange however I honestly just find the music and tune really fun and entertaining.

12) Somebody by Natalie La Rose ft Jeremih- I love this song’s beat a lot!

13) Firestone by Kygo I honestly am obsessed with the music in this song , whatever the instrument is, it sounds lovely.

14) America by Marlon Roudette  I love the message of this song (or at least my interpretation of it) I personally think it’s about somebody who has left and thinks they’re too good for their old life/friends but some people never give up on others.

15) Doing It by Charli XCX ft Rita Ora I am obsessed with any song that Charli XCX releases! I haven’t heard one single bad one!

16) Avenir by Louane Yes I know this song is in French not English. I really like the ‘woah’ in it and the rhythm of the song.

17) I Want You To Know by Zedd ft Selena Gomez This is definitely my favourite song at the moment. I feel like Selena Gomez is going to have a really big year music wise and as a Selenator I am beyond excited for it!

18) Living for Love by Madonna- The chorus is by far by favourite part of this song.

19) What I Did For Love by David Guetta ft Emeli Sandé- Welcome back Emeli Sandé! She’s released a very different song to her past hits however it’s just as great!

20) Try by Colbie Caillat I find this song very inspirational. It shares such an important message that it doesn’t matter what others think; you don’t live to please other, you should make yourself happy.

21) GDFR by Flo Rida I don’t really have much to say about this song apart from it’s super catchy and fun to dance to!

What are your favourite songs at the moment?



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