Taylor Swift 1989 Review

I had been looking forward to the 27th October ever since Taylor Swift announced that she was releasing her album 1989 on that day. Let me tell you, the album was definitely worth waiting for! It’s is too good for words!!! In fact I was so excited to listen to the album, that I went to collect our takeaway dinner with my aunt just so I could listen to the CD in the car (yes I know it sounds weird but I had to listen to it at some point and there was no CD player in her house). So we have established I’m weird. Oh well. I’ll shake it off!

The album is even better than expected, and Taylor has managed to outdo herself once again, with her best album yet!

Welcome To New York: I think that this is the perfect song to introduce the album with, as not only is it welcoming us to New York, but it is also welcoming us to 1989, and what the whole album is about. I particularly like the opening of the song (specifically the music).

Blank Space: This is personally one of my favourite songs on the whole album. It’s so catchy and I love the message behind it (well at least my interpretation of it). It talks about how you have to take chances sometimes, even if you have no idea how it’s going to end.

“So it’s gonna be forever. Or it’s gonna go down in flames”

– Taylor Swift. It’s actually inspired me to take more risks.
I also love singing along to the spoken parts of the song:

“I can make the bad guys good for a weekend.”


“Cause darling I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream.”

Style: Style is a song from 1989, which Taylor Swift described as being about things that never go out of style e.g. certain feelings, certain styles. This is a great song and I love the guitar at the start not the song, and the tune of the chorus. It will never go out of style.

Out Of The Woods: This song is so creative! It’s so amazing musically and lyrically (but then again, are there any Taylor Swift songs that aren’t?) There are so many metaphors in this song, and it really allows me to imagine a clear story in my mind. If there’s ever a music video for this song, I think it will be incredible.

All You Had To Do Was Stay: This song is so different than anythings Taylor’s done before (the whole of 1989 is too) and I really love how she’s transitioned in her music. It inspires me that she hasn’t decided that she has to stick with one thing forever, an that she can make changes yet always stay true to herself. What I found so different about this song is in the chorus when the word “stay” is sung very high. Although it is only one word, it’s fascinating how it can make such a difference to the entire song.

Shake It Off: Does this song even need an introduction? Who doesn’t love this song? I’m pretty sure anyone who says they don’t is just kidding themselves. Haters can’t even hate on this song it’s so good! Shake It Off always lifts my spirits and makes me dance wherever I am. I was in H&M the other day and the song came on the radio. As I looked around me I could see so many people dancing discreetly and singing along to themselves and I just thought “Wow this is the one and only song in the World, where nobody’s cares what they look or sound like singing and dancing along. Only Taylor Swift could do that.” I applaud her hugely for this song.

I Wish You Would: I like that this is quite a fast song and it’s really great for singing along to. It’s all about wishes, and reflects on events of the past, which I think is nice, because everybody has those moments sometimes of reliving their memories.

Bad Blood: Another one of my favourites! This song is SO good! It’s probably one of the catchiest on 1989 and I absolutely adore it! The chorus is so fun and lively. Once again, probably only Taylor Swift can make a fun, upbeat song about “bad blood”!

Wildest Dreams: My interpretation of this song, is that it’s about longing for something so much that you don’t care how it happens. You just want it to happen. I think that a lot of people get that occasionally, and I think it’s great that Taylor makes all her songs so relatable.

How You Get The Girl: ‘How You Get The Girl’ is basically a song, describing exactly what it is girls want to hear from guys. It’s really upbeat and lively, which is one of my favourite aspects of this song, along with the lyrics. Just another favourite to add to the list.

This Love: ‘This Love’ is a lovely song, describing a love that is meant to be. It relates the old saying everyone knows but no one wants to do: “If you love something let it go.” It’s such a beautifully written song.

I Know Places: More of my favourites. This song stands out to me so clearly and I am slightly obsessed with it! Like ‘Out of The Woods’, ‘I Know Places’ allows me to create such a vivid image and story in my mind, which is something that I strive to do when writing stories (Taylor Swifts actually also inspired me to write a few songs myself).
I find the beginning of ‘I Know Places’ quite eery and spooky, and I adore the build up to the chorus and the comparison to hunters and foxes. I cannot fault this song. It’s simply impossible! I also see inside the album booklet, that the Polaroid of this song was taken on my 14th birthday! (Sorry for that irrelevant comment)

Clean: ‘Clean’ is such an empowering song, and it does truly inspire me to be strong. I love the message behind it, and the lyrics are utterly wonderful!

Wonderland: On to the bonus tracks. Just as fantastic as the rest! Wonderland also paints colourful images in my mind, and makes me think of ‘Alice In Wonderland’. The part of the song that stands out to me in this song, is the build up to the chorus as it intensifies and then calms down again. It’s a constant change which makes it so interesting.

You Are In Love: This song is such a sweet description of people who are in love and for me it puts a really lovely perspective on things.

New Romantics: I love this song so so so so much! So much! It is in a way about not caring, and just enjoying the roller coaster of life and love. My favourite lyrics in this are

“We are too busy dancing to get knocked off our feet.”


“Heartbreak is the national anthem.”

That lyric just really makes me smile.

So in case you haven’t guessed from my praise, and repetition of the words love, amazing, incredible, inspiring etc, and awful jokes; this album gets a huge 13 out of 10. Yes, see I told you, these are only things that Taylor Swift can do; the practically impossible 😉

I am super excited to see Taylor Swift on her 1989 Tour in London this June! It will be and incredible night, I’m certain! Let me know what you think of the album, and what your interpretations of each song is.




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