Hema Under Eye Concealer Review

Hello everyone, It’s Wednesday, nearly the weekend. That’s what I’ve got to keep telling myself πŸ˜‰ Today I am going to be reviewing my absolute favourite product of the moment, The Hema Under Eye Concealer.

Before I start ranting on about this concealer, I have to let you know that, unfortunately, this product is only available in the shop ‘Hema’ in the Netherlands. However, if you do happen to be heading in that direction any time soon, then here’s my reccomendation of a makeup product you can buy. πŸ™‚


Now this concealer is definitely no high end concealer, it was probably about 4€, and I did not expect it to be very good quality; surprisingly though, it is one of my favourite concealers that I have owned!

This concealer is a creamy concealer, that is meant to be applied under the eyes, but it does also conceal spots fairly well. I honestly think that this concealer really helps to make you look more awake, however I recommend that you do not apply too much, or it becomes very obvious that you have it on.

Over all I would rate this an 8/10



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