As the Weather Changes…


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Hello everyone! Sorry that I haven’t posted in (exactly) one whole month, I really wish I had been 😦 I have been getting back into the flow of school, and trying to get used to the amount of homework I have this year. But I am back now, and determined to keep blogging throughout Autumn/Winter.

Speaking of Autumn and Winter, is it really strange that I am SO excited for them? So many off my friends love the Summer, (and OF COURSE I do as well) but I am really happy that it is now the start of Autumn!

There are so many great things about Autumn and Winter! Firstly, it’s the change in atmosphere. I find that as we get into this time of the year, everything becomes so warm and cosy, and I LOVE it! Also there are so many things that I celebrate these seasons, and I get to see a lot of my family. If I’m lucky, theres even sometimes snow where I live. But how could we forget, something that I am very excited for at the moment… AUTUMN/WINTER FASHION!!! I cannot wait to go shopping for all the snuggly jumpers and new trends that come out this season. 🙂

I’d love to know what you guys love about this time of year! And I will be back with another post on Wednesday.



2 thoughts on “As the Weather Changes…

  1. I love Autumn 🙂 I’ve really struggled with Summer this year due to personal issues so I’m super excited for the calmness and cosiness of the colder months.I love the darker evenings and the build up to Christmas! I’m hoping that it snows this year!

    1. The build up to Christmas is just so lovely! Everyone’s so happy and smiley and the atmosphere is so… well I don’t know the word to describe it, but you probably know what I mean 🙂

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