My Pretty Little Liars Theories

Hello everyone! Now you can probably tell that I am a huge Pretty Little Liars fan, as this is my 2nd blog post about it.

Today’s post is about my own personal theories on who ‘A’ is etc. There are so many theories out there and these are some of mine:

photo from here
1) It is rather pointless to write about this theory because I honestly have no evidence to back it up or justify what I’m saying, but I will just say it anyways. This theory is that Wren is ‘A’. The only thing I have to prove this is that he has just been here since the the start of it all. I have no idea what he would have against any of the girls, but I am just completely set on the idea that Wren is ‘A’.

phot fromhere
2) On to my next theory. And that is that Mrs Hastings is the one who killed Mrs Di Laurentis. Did anyone else not think it was strange how anxious she was about the fact that the police were digging up their back garden. She also seems so determined to blame it her husband, when she could have done exactly the same things with the same motives. There is also the rat poisoning which had been blamed on Mr Hastings, but it could just as easily have been Mrs Hastings.

So those are my theories. Share yours with me in the comments.


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