Being Shy

Hello everyone!

Now does anyone else feel EXTREMELY shy when meeting new people, or people that you don’t know very well? I know I do.

I am starting a Summer camp tomorrow, and I cannot describe the sick feeling I have in my stomach at the thought of having to be in a room full of people I don’t know. With my friends I am the craziest person you’ll meet, but with strangers I am extremely shy.

This post isn’t to rant about me though. It’s to give some advice that I have picked up and hopefully help some people out.

I find that looking at all the positive aspects of a situation really puts things into perspective. I think that if you look at everything that is good, it makes the things that bother you seem less important.

I think that one of the other reasons that I am so shy, is that I am constantly worrying about whether people will like me, or that they will judge me. Honestly though, you’ve just got to say to yourself ‘not everyone will like me’ and ‘not everyone had to agree with everything I say’.

So I know that this isn’t much advice, and I honestly don’t know whether it will help anyone. But I felt the need to share my opinion and see if it was in any way possible that it could help anyone.

If anyone has any advice or anything they want to say in the comments then that would be great!



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