Summer of Blogging

Hello everyone!!! Wow it feels like I have been away from blogging for years (however it has only really been a month or two). I apologise for being so MIA, but it was my last few weeks of school. I had exams and was just so busy, that my blog just seemed to become totally ignored. Now I’m on holiday though!!! Which means that there’s a WHOLE LOT of blogging to come!

I have had one week of holidays already, and have been giving my brain a breather. I have missed blogging over this past month or so, and am super excited to get back to it.

My brain is just bubbling with ideas for posts this Summer! I have a whole notebook filled with them, and more constantly popping into my mind.

I am planning on beginning two new series throughout the entire Summer: ‘OOTW’ and ‘FOTW’. Who knows, maybe I’ll even throw in some ‘NOTW’!

I am also trying to get much healthier this summer, and even though I am no expert, I think I will enjoy sharing things to do with this. Also having it written will make me feel more determined because it’s not as if I can deny I ever said any of this 🙂

I also want to carry on with my ‘Fave Celeb Makeup and Fashion of the week’, which I completely abandoned. I plan to share exciting, fun events that I experience over the holidays. Who knows what’s coming?! It’s going to be a jam packed blog this Summer. I hope your ready 😀


(This will mostly all start on Monday)


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