My Pretty Little Liars Theories

Hello everyone! Now you can probably tell that I am a huge Pretty Little Liars fan, as this is my 2nd blog post about it. Today’s post is about my own personal theories on who ‘A’ is etc. There are so many theories out there and these are some of mine: photo from here 1) It is rather pointless to write about this theory because I honestly have no evidence to back it up or justify what I’m saying, but I will just say it anyways. This theory is that Wren is ‘A’. The only thing I have to prove … Continue reading My Pretty Little Liars Theories

Being Shy

Hello everyone! Now does anyone else feel EXTREMELY shy when meeting new people, or people that you don’t know very well? I know I do. I am starting a Summer camp tomorrow, and I cannot describe the sick feeling I have in my stomach at the thought of having to be in a room full of people I don’t know. With my friends I am the craziest person you’ll meet, but with strangers I am extremely shy. This post isn’t to rant about me though. It’s to give some advice that I have picked up and hopefully help some people … Continue reading Being Shy

Those Summer Days At Home

Hello everyone! Now I know that not everyone’s on holiday yet, but I am; and that has been leaving me with those days at home where you just don’t know what to do, and ultimately spend the whole day online. But after one week of holidays (don’t worry, I didn’t spend every day like that. I just discovered that that’s how I did spend the days were I had nothing to do) I have decided that I’m going to make the most of EVERY day this Summer. I am not going to completely ban myself from internet (because I mean, … Continue reading Those Summer Days At Home

Summer of Blogging

Hello everyone!!! Wow it feels like I have been away from blogging for years (however it has only really been a month or two). I apologise for being so MIA, but it was my last few weeks of school. I had exams and was just so busy, that my blog just seemed to become totally ignored. Now I’m on holiday though!!! Which means that there’s a WHOLE LOT of blogging to come! I have had one week of holidays already, and have been giving my brain a breather. I have missed blogging over this past month or so, and am … Continue reading Summer of Blogging

My Month of Concerts

This last month I have been extremely lucky and have had the chance to go to 3 fantastic concerts!!! Firstly on the 6th June 2014 I went to the music festival Caribana in Geneva, and saw the amazing Jessie J. Jessie J is soooo talented and has such a powerful voice!!! It was the second time that I’d seen her and I will always be a Heartbeat. Then the day afterwards, I drove to Z├╝rich to see Miley Cyrus. It was such a fantastic show and Miley’s voice was amazing. Some parts of the show were slightly inappropriate, however other … Continue reading My Month of Concerts