Cher Lloyd ‘Sorry I’m Late’ Review

Hello everyone! Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA over the past two weeks. I’m back now though! You may have noticed that I decided to skip doing a ‘May Favourites’, and that’s just because I didn’t really have anything new to add to it.

Anyways on with the album review:

I am a HUGE Cher Lloyd fan (or Brat, as her fans are officially called), and I have waited for ‘Sorry I’m Late’ since her first album came out two years ago. This album has a very different style to her last one, while also staying true to her sassy attitude and uniqueness that she is so well known for.

1)  Just Be Mine: is a very catchy song with lovely lyrics and wonderful music.

2) Bind Your Love: has such a great beat in the chorus. I really like how the verses are more slow and ballad like whereas the the chorus is more fun and happy.

3) I Wish: was Cher’s first single of this album. I just love this song! It’s so fun and catchy while also getting across a meaningful message (more or less about people feeling like they need material things to impress others).

4) Sirens: is such a beautiful song, that seriously shows that Cher can sing, yes it may have had some touch ups, but every song on every album does. I honestly love Cher’s voice! ❤

5) Dirty Love: is an amazing song to dance to, and every time I hear it, it lifts my spirits with its fun music 🙂

6) Human: is a lovely and extremely honest song with a powerful message with in it..

7) Sweet Despair: is quite a sad song that’s really just a nice song to listen to.

8) Killin’ It: shows just how distinctive Cher’s voice is, that seems to be saying ‘we’re awesome, let’s have fun!’

9) Goodnight: sounds like a beautiful lullaby and I love it. It’s so different than anything Cher’s ever done before and it’s so lovely and calming.

10) M.F.P.O.T.Y: is a rather explicit song, but if you don’t mind that, then this song has quite a casual, sassy and rebellious vibe to it.

11) Alone With Me: is medium paced that’s sweet with nice lyrics.

Overall, this albums honestly really good 😀 Cher’s grown so much in the last two years and this album shows that. 7/10


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