My Favourite Songs At The Moment

Hello everyone! It’s one of my favourite times of year again, where Summer has basically begun. I know it only officially starts on the 21st June, but oh well. If it’s hot it’s Summer… Yeah? 🙂  Around this time of year, and throughout the rest of the Summer, I feel is the time where the years best music gets released. I have been listening to a whole new load of songs, and I want to share them with you 😀 Money On My Mind – Sam Smith: I know this song came out around a month or two ago, but I … Continue reading My Favourite Songs At The Moment

Soap and Glory: Love At First Blush Review

Hello everyone! For my birthday in January, I received the “Love At First Blush” as a gift from my friend. I have only recently started using it though, just because I think it’s more of a Spring/Summer colour.   I think that this is a good blush, if you want a subtle, less noticeable colour on your cheeks. It’s definitely not the right blush if you’re wanting it to be bright and obvious. I like the fact that you are able to create a different blend of colours, depending on what you’re going for. The options range between: rose gold, … Continue reading Soap and Glory: Love At First Blush Review