James Arthur Concert


Monday night, was one of the most amazing nights ever! I went to see James Arthur in concert! I still can’t quite believe it! He’s such a huge inspiration to me, and let me tell you; the concert was brilliant!

The show was opened by the incredibly talented Norma Jean Martine, who is really worth checking, as she is so amazing!

Then after an hour, James Arthur appeared, and the crowd went wild. I was so excited! I love him so much! I was extremely starstruck as I got very close to the stage and danced the night away, singing at the top of my lungs.

James’ voice was beautiful and perfect, and he sang all of his amazing songs. He was great and talking to the crowd and connected with us well.

Let me tell you, I cannot find one flaw in the night and I think my mind is still in the concert dancing and singing ;D I don’t think I’ll ever get over it.

And judging by it, I think James enjoyed himself too. This is what he tweeted just after the concert:




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