What I Got For My Birthday

Hello Everyone! It was recently my birthday, and I had an amazing day! This is going to be a ‘What I Got For My Birthday’ post. I am doing this because so many people do it for Christmas, and I have also seen a few Birthday ones. I would just like to clarify that I am in no way trying to show off or brag, I just know that I enjoy reading this type of post and I hope others do too.



This is such a comfortable beanbag, and it’s perfect for sitting and reading. I have been using it a lot since I got it and I love it!

Soda Stream


Wow! Soda Streams! They are just such good quality and make great sodas! The drinks that you can create with them actually taste like the real thing! I definitely recommend Soda Streams!

Accessorize Handbag


This is such a pretty bag, and the photo definitely doesn’t do it justice. I had been wanting this bag for ages, and am so happy that I got it for my birthday! It’s a great size, not to big not too small, and it’s just fantastic all around.

Accessorize Wallet


This was another thing that I had been wanting for a long time. It’s really nice, and is very practical with lots of compartments.

Phillips Earphones


I prefer little earphones to big sets of headphones. Is that strange? Let me know which you prefer in the comments. The sound is good quality, and they are even in my favourite colour, purple!

Phone Tripod


This is the cutest thing ever! It’s an adorable little tripod for my mobile!

Avril Lavigne CD


This album is wonderful! I think it shows how versatile Avril Lavigne can be!

Bangerz CD


Seriously, even if you don’t like Miley Cyrus, take a listen to this! The music’s amazing!



Katy Perry! You’re amazing! Yet again, a fantastic album from her!

Midnight Memories CD


One Direction ❤ These boys are the best! Not one bad song!

I decided not to show everything, but I hope you enjoyed what I did put.


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