Things To Do At Birthday Sleepovers

Hello everyone! This week was my 14th birthday, and today I am celebrating it with my friends by having a big sleepover! I am very excited for it, but sometimes find it hard to come up with what to do at sleepovers. So I have decided to do this post in case any of you come across the same problems as me.

1. The Chocolate Game: this is such a fun game no matter what age you are! You basically have to dress up and cut as much chocolate off a bar in a certain amount of time. The point of the costume is to make it hard to cut.

2. Make Soda: this is fun and easy to do. I use my soda stream which I highly reccomend to people as it is great quality!

3. Makeovers: this may seem lame, but it’s actually quite fun. You can have some fun with different looks and sometimes make your friends look really stupid! 😉

4. Watch a movie: a sleepover isn’t a sleepover without a movie.

5. Make Giant Oreos: I tried this with my best friend, and it was surprisingly successful. You basically stuff all the cream in between 2 biscuits.

6. Pillow Fights: I hadn’t had a pillow fight until a year ago because I didn’t think I would enjoy them. They are actually a real laugh though and so much fun!!!

7. Play consequences: this is a fun game where different stories are created. I have made some rather hilarious ones with my friends and suggest this as something to do.

I hope this post inspires some of you! Please let me know what you do at sleepovers in the comments!

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