Matt Smith’s Time On Doctor Who

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great Christmas! I know I did, and one of the things I did was watch Matt Smith’s final episode of Doctor Who, Time Of The Doctor. It was a fantastic episode with lots of excitement and great acting. The episode had a clever storyline and had me on my toes (I think that’s the expression) at all times. The episode was great, it bought back many of the Doctor’s enemies, but this episode also meant the end of Matt Smith’s Doctor Who era.

In 2010 Matt Smith stepped into David Tennant’s shoes as the eleventh Doctor. He had big shoes to fill and was no doubt very nervous. It turned out (at least in my opinion) that he was an amazing Doctor and was probably one of the only people who could have filled such big shoes.

Matt Smith was personally one of my favourite Doctors. He bought an element of fun to the character (which David Tennant had, but not quite in the same way) and something refreshing. I found that he really suited the part. What I liked most about him though was the fact that he was mad! He was a genius but he was completely crazy!

I also loved Matt Smith’s connection with Amy Pond and Clara. Something about the connections drew me in. Knowing that the Doctor cared so much for Amy and Clara was nice and reassuring, and showed that although he had a different face, it was still in fact the Doctor.

Unfortunately in 2013, Matt Smith’s time as the Doctor came to an end. For me this was a very sad time. I thoroughly enjoyed Matt Smith three years as the Doctor and although I am excited to see what Peter Capaldi will bring to the show, I am also very sad to see the end of this era of bow ties and fez’s.


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