New Year/New Year’s Eve Makeup Tutorial

Hello! I’ve been wanting to do a makeup tutorial for a while now, and this is going to be my first one. I hope you enjoy looking at it and I hope it’s ok as I have never done one of these before.  I usually start off by doing my concealer (unless I’m wearing foundation, which I’m not). For this look I am using the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer. I put a few dabs under my eyes and rub it in with my ring finger.   Next I put on my eye shadow. I used the Me Makeover Essentials Eye … Continue reading New Year/New Year’s Eve Makeup Tutorial

My 2013 Favourites

Another year is coming to an end and I can’t help but notice how fast it’s gone! It feels like it was only yesterday that I was celebrating the new year of 2013 and in just a few days I will be celebrating the new year of 2014! It has been a great year though with many great things that I’ve discovered and I wanted to share some of my favourite things of 2013 with you. Wonderstruck Perfume by Taylor Swift:  I got this perfume for Christmas 2012, and ever since, I have worn it non stop. It’s got such a lovely scent … Continue reading My 2013 Favourites

Matt Smith’s Time On Doctor Who

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great Christmas! I know I did, and one of the things I did was watch Matt Smith’s final episode of Doctor Who, Time Of The Doctor. It was a fantastic episode with lots of excitement and great acting. The episode had a clever storyline and had me on my toes (I think that’s the expression) at all times. The episode was great, it bought back many of the Doctor’s enemies, but this episode also meant the end of Matt Smith’s Doctor Who era. In 2010 Matt Smith stepped into David Tennant’s shoes as the eleventh … Continue reading Matt Smith’s Time On Doctor Who